008 - Hiriketiya | project 2019 (on hold)

For a Swiss-Sri Lankan client we are designing a small Bungalow in the Hiriketiya area of southern Sri Lanka.


On the ground floor, 4 equally sized volumes (2 sleeping rooms, kitchen & living), together with their in-between space (entrance, dining & lounge) form the more private part of the house. For these volumes, we introduce the technique of using rammed earth as a building material and by doing so, hope to set a precedent for future projects in the surroundings. Where at the moment concrete (expensive, imported) and brick (poor quality or expensive, imported) are the main construction materials, rammed earth can form a locally sourced, sustainable and easy-to-make alternative.


On top of these 4 volumes, a flat and cantilevering roof is placed, protecting the ground floor against the harsh tropical climate and at the same time creating a terrace, where surrounded by palm trees, breakfast can be enjoyed and yoga can be practiced.


In the corner of the roof terrace, overlooking the Indian ocean, stands the water tower which also includes a small studio and a viewing area on top.




Hiriketiya, Sri Lanka
Project 2019 (on hold)
150 m2
Local Architect 
Nuwan Dias, NU.Studio Colombo
Structural Engineer 
Ranmal Fernando
Quantity Surveyor 
Wishan Fernando